I was not, however, in love with her.

Q. How do married people stay in love with their spouse when they are old, wrinkled, and grey? James Meszaros, Happily married for over 27 years Hmmm… let me try to answer this. When I first met my wife I thought she was crazy beautiful. I was not, however, in love with her. I didn’t […]

Toddler Hugs Pizza Delivery Man

A pizza delivery driver got a sweet and unexpected surprise Saturday from a toddler in West Warwick, Rhode Island. When Ryan Catterson rang the Sheely family’s doorbell to give them their pizza, he had no idea how much the encounter would later mean to him, according to WNEP. Footage taken by the family’s security camera […]

My Mother stole from my Grandmother.

Q. What’s the most dishonest thing you’ve witnessed a family member do? answered by Shannon Morris, studied Sociology & Psychology at Henderson State University My Mother stole from my Grandmother who was raising all three of her children. We were 5, 4 and 1 year old when my Mother decided she didn’t want us. My […]

Establishing healthy boundaries

Q. What is something a narcissist won’t see coming? answered by Julie Warren, Passive aggressive narcissistic mother and husband I think there are three essential things that a narcissist won’t see coming but that can help you so incredibly. Whether they’re narcissistic or just selfish or passive aggressive, it applies equally I’d say. 1. No […]