They ended up going to their vacation alone.

My mother in law invited herself on a trip that was meant just for me and my husband. We barely get any alone time together. My husband won’t tell her that she can’t come. Would it be rude if I did? answered by Caroll Acacia Baptiste A young woman I know was going on vacation […]

I thought Mum and Dad would get back together.

Is Hugh Jackman on good terms with his estranged mother? answered by Vitmor Hi. Hugh Jackman is known to be a kind and happy-looking man, but behind his smile there used to hide a lot of pain brought on by his relationship with his mother. When he was eight years old, his mother, Grace McNeil, […]

“Be awesome with somebody”

Is there such a thing as a purely altruistic act? answered by Hervée Tia, lives in West Africa (1992-present) At least some people try. If you don’t know this guy, his name is Mark Bustos. Mark is a Filipino-American hairdresser living in an expensive area of New York. He spends 6 days a week working […]

New Jersey Woman Adopts 3 Nephews After Sister Dies

by NICK GILBERTSON New Jersey woman Zeneida Torres has adopted her three nephews after her sister’s untimely death due to coronavirus in December. Already having raised two sons and a daughter, Zeneida Torres, 44, of Bethlehem, New Jersey, was not necessarily expecting any more children, “but God had other plans” said Torres. The weekend after Thanksgiving last […]

Test of the three sieves.

Which lesson from Socrates never ceases to impress you? answered by Michael Bricks, Technical Adviser in Sports and Soccer Picks (2018–present) Socrates had the reputation of being of great wisdom. One day someone came to visit him and said: “You know what I just heard about your friend?” “Wait a moment,” replied Socrates, “before you […]

Helicopter Pilot Rescues 17 from Tennessee Floodwaters

by AMY FURR A helicopter pilot from Nashville, Tennessee, named Joel Boyers had finished helping his fiancé get her own pilot’s license Saturday when the unexpected happened. The two were on their way to home to celebrate when Boyers received a call from a woman in Pennsylvania. Her brother’s house in Waverly was underwater and he was […]