A second-party adoption

Q.Has a babysitter ever said something to you which was completely unexpected? answered by Michael Callahan (dated and happily married a widowed mother, adopted her son) Our usual “babysitter” is also my wife’s youngest sister who has lived with us for six years along with her daughter (1.5 YO when they joined our household). They […]

Her name is Cow Spots. We call her Cowy.

Q. What is something your pet did that you couldn’t believe? answered by Sherrie Hockett (DVM in Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Washington State University (Graduated 1998) This is my dog Kaycee when she had four legs. I am a veterinarian in a small town. A farmer found Kaycee as a stray and […]

Some people shouldn’t drink!

Q. What is the most “Ok.. I’m out” moment of your relationship? answered by Richard Shaw Three or four years ago I met a woman. She was just over 50 at the time. Nice looking girl – slim and attractive. We went out a few times and really had a fun time. She mentioned at […]

Then came Zander.

Q. Do you think your dog loves you or just tolerates you? answered by Merrilynn Butterfield (Boxer Rescue volunteer 6 years; pack mate of 10 in my Life) Dog Love is such a perfect unconditional Loyalty, Devotion and need to be in your presence. I have had dogs that loved me as their one person […]

A fish sandwich and a white coffee.

Q. What do fast food employees think of customers who come in frequently, say, multiple times a week or even daily? answered by Cheryl Scudder Godwin (Sewing at Besi Inc (2014–present)) When I worked fast food my first night on drive through a man came through for a fish sandwich and a white coffee as […]