CPT got style (reddit)

comment Those heart stickers the homeless are selling for R5, I think there are 3 in a pack in different sizes. Bought one last last year in Simonstown, but the missus won’t let me stick them anywhere except my laptop. Not even the damn fridge, which already looks like a well-travelled musician’s guitar case. Mozez22 […]

Oh, deer.

comment That’s a donkey mesopotamius, Albuquerque NM, It’s a baby horse. Source: was a horse girl who collected horse figurines howdodogwalks, Northeast USA, What an Ass. MandatoryMoose, Essex UK Something disturbingly predatory about this, it’s like an Angler Fish but a tree wisewizard Deer’s thoughts: “It’s behind me isn’t it?” Edit: That might be a […]

Privet Bonsai

Old privet cleaned up and begining a new life.. Not likely to be most people’s cup of tea with hundreds of traditional faults, but I kind of like the old deadwood and the challenge of it… remaining deadwood after cleaning off loads of soft stuff is solid as a rock..