His whole body moved in one big piece.

A 12 y/o kid told me that he could make himself heavier. I didn’t believe him so I picked him up easily but then he said “Now try” I tried to pick him up again but he was like twice the weight. How is this possible? What is the science behind this? answered by Eugene […]

He picked the angel “to protect me from the bad kids.”

What is the most inappropriate gift that someone innocently gave a teacher? answered by Ari Dell, Former Teacher I taught 8-year olds for a while. One morning a very sweet, sensitive-type, little boy proudly presented me with a small gift box that he had obviously taken great care to wrap and decorate. He insisted that […]

To help you stay away (sic).

What is the most embarrassing typo you’ve ever made? answered by Anne Pelle, former Pharm Tech, Dental Secretary, Nursing Assistant (2003-2014) When my husband and I were first dating, I somehow missed my ride home, and it being almost 11pm, was faced with taking the 5am bus the next morning in order to arrive at […]

she: “*eye-roll* whatever grandpa”

Have you ever had a kid behind you on an airplane kicking the seat the entire flight? answered by Dariusz Scharsig, Techlead at Hess Cash Systems (2018-present) A couple of times. And, except one time, all I needed to do was turn around and, nicely, say: “Hey, little fella, is this your first plane ride? […]