Dear innerthoughts

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You confuse me You not sure of what’s best for me. You exhaust me. You make me question. You make me wonder, And yet! you never give solutions. DEAR I inner Thoughts. I erase you from my mind for all you do is leave questions with no answers, wonderings confusions…

Land of the Sleeping Things

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I wade through mercury waters A land speckled crimson Peppered bloody, hematic and sore Swollen, cancerous rocks, bloated, bulging  and inflamed Under a sickly sky, the trees gaunt and rawboned, they reach, beseech, leeching for a way out of their roots Marks like swords – what has been here before? It…

The Fig Tree

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Potted and little, she once was… A simple gesture of thanks, A token of recognition and friendship. Now a heavenly sanctuary of leaves, She looms protectively proud… A shady retreat for Sunday picnics, Wholesome gatherings and fatigued parents Tiny tots, nursery rhymes and gay abandon. Scholarly summer lessons and…

Unexpected Expectations! 

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I have been living? Away from home From the past one year? And my pleasure is gone! I see people having friends? Who act like family!? They always remain together? Spreading joy happily!? But don’t know why I’m still searching for it! Hitting me inside? Is a hammer of broken…


By Michelle Adam Giving Thanks  The corn tassels arch their backs toward the sky as their leaves, once a soft emerald green, bow to the ground in brittle surrender to a breeze carrying winter’s darkness on her shoulders. This ancient seed of corn sprouted, once again, purple, beige, yellow, a muted blue, and gave herself in […]