Frisky venomous sea snakes are confusing divers for their mates

By Jack Guy, CNN (CNN) Highly venomous olive sea snakes may “attack” scuba divers as part of misplaced courtship behaviors, according to a new study.Divers regularly report sea snake interactions involving chasing and biting, the reasons for which were previously unclear.Now a study published in journal the Scientific Reports suggests that male sea snakes may think divers are potential rivals or […]

Pixel 5a Review: The Best A-series Phone Yet

by CAMERON SUMMERSON It’s that time of year again: time for a new A-series Pixel phone. All the A-series phones have been great up to this point, and Google made some truly meaningful upgrades in the 5a. It’s easily the best $450 phone you can buy right. Here’s What We Like Excellent value Killer battery life […]

Clickbait: Ice worms emerge from Pacific Northwest glaciers.

‘It’s happening’: Ice worms emerge in Pacific Northwest glaciers By Monica Danielle, AccuWeather senior producer “It’s happening,” scientist Scott Hotaling told a reporter for OPB as he gestured across Paradise Glacier high up on Mount Rainier in Washington. He was referencing hundreds of thousands of tiny, black worms emerging from a vast expanse of white snow. Ice worms were […]

Chill out in this giant Russian pipe.

by Jennifer Hahn Tubular holiday home cantilevers over hill in Russian art park Moscow’s chief architect Sergey Kuznetsov has completed a pipe-shaped cabin, constructed like the hull of a ship and balanced on the edge of a slope in Russia’s Nikola-Lenivets Art Park. The holiday home was conceived for the annual Archstoyanie festival, known as Russia’s Burning Man, and will remain in […]

South Africa took me by surprise

by Itchy Boots Slowly Savannah and I are clocking away thousands of kilometers in South Africa. After 7 weeks, we have reached our 5.000km milestone. During my Asian and South American adventures, I would ride about 5000km each month, but a Honda CRF250L is not made to churn out 700 kilometers a day. That is […]