What Are Antimicrobial Fabrics (and Do They Work)?

by Elyse Hauser Wondering if it’s worth it to buy antimicrobial clothing and face masks? Here’s a closer look at how these fabrics work, and what they can (and can’t) do. There are no simple solutions when it comes to suiting up to protect yourself from a pandemic-level viral outbreak. After all, if such a […]

This seemingly impossible street art pops off the wall.

Illusory Street Typography Pops Off the Wall in Bold Murals by Ben Johnston by Vanessa Ruiz Toronto-based designer Ben Johnston plays with color, shadow, and perspective to create typography that appears three-dimensional in his site-specific murals. He’s a self-taught designer, spending time in the agency world of South Africa before moving back to his home […]

Florida’s rare blue bee rediscovered at Lake Wales Ridge

by Nikhil Srinivasan The Sunshine State’s iconic wildlife includes the American alligator, the Florida panther, the scrub jay and the manatee. But some species unique to Florida are less familiar, like the ultra-rare blue calamintha bee. First described in 2011, scientists weren’t sure the bee still existed. The species had only been recorded in four […]