What is the most viewed movie of all time?

James Kwon Lee, Film Writer-Director-Producer The answer will shock you. It shocked me when I first studied movie history. First of all, the most viewed film is not Avatar (2009) or Titanic (1997). Those two films set the box office record for “highest grossing film worldwide”—but highest grossing does not mean most viewed. The average […]

A Blast from the Past…

Movie Review by  Roger Ebert, “The Princess Bride” begins as a story that a grandfather is reading out of a book. But already the movie has a spin on it, because the grandfather is played by Peter Falk, and in the distinctive quality of his voice we detect a certain edge. His voice seems to contain […]

Temple Grandin (film)

source : wikipedia Plot The film follows Temple Grandin’s (Danes) life, providing background through a series of flashbacks. As a child, Grandin is uncommunicative and prone to tantrums and is diagnosed with autism. The medical consensus at that time was that autism was a form of schizophrenia resulting from insufficient maternal affection. Despite recommendations to […]

‘Passion of the Christ’ Sequel

by John Nolte Jim Caviezel, the actor who memorably portrayed Jesus in director Mel Gibson’s 2004 blockbuster The Passion of the Christ, says that Gibson is planning a sequel that will be “the biggest film in history. It’s that good.” The Passion is already one the biggest films in history. Fourteen years on it still […]

Dekalog (IMDb)

Ten television drama films, each one based on one of the Ten Commandments. Storyline This is a series of ten shorts created for Polish Television, with plots loosely based upon the Ten Commandments, directed by Krzysztof Kieslowski. Two of these, Dekalog 5 and 6, are shorter cuts from the feature-length films–Krotki film o zabijaniu (A […]

Homage to the Lord of the Rings

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Epic stories always have epic diamonds of wisdom that help to elevate our Spirit. Their profoundness lights the mind, their loftiness reminds us that Honour, Dignity & Valour vanquish anything. Aragorn’s Prophecy is one of these masterpieces: All that is gold does not glitter, Not all those who wander are lost; The old…