Histrionic personality disorder

Q. What is a histrionic personality? answered by Kim Mixon Hill, Advocate at Health Union (2018-present) Histrionic personality disorder is not a disorder you hear about quite as much as some other disorders but believe it or not, it has been featured in movies and television shows like Criminal Minds. Here is a little on […]

Establishing healthy boundaries

Q. What is something a narcissist won’t see coming? answered by Julie Warren, Passive aggressive narcissistic mother and husband I think there are three essential things that a narcissist won’t see coming but that can help you so incredibly. Whether they’re narcissistic or just selfish or passive aggressive, it applies equally I’d say. 1. No […]

Generally, the victim suspects nothing

Q. In psychology, what is the “dark triad” and how can you spot someone who has it? Mike King, MS Psychology & MFCC, PhD Degree in Psychology (1985) It’s virtually impossible to spot someone who is part of the dark triad in the cluster B system of personality disorders. The three disorders that comprise the […]

Tuberculosis vaccine finds an improved route

A widely used vaccine against tuberculosis has now been shown to provide almost complete protection when injected intravenously. This is a striking improvement over vaccination through the typical intradermal route. by Samuel M. Behar & Chris Sassetti Tuberculosis is the deadliest human infection, killing 1.5 million people in 2018 alone (go.nature.com/2kbuiq). It is widely accepted […]

About the Journey

Originally posted on Taralyn Rowe:
I have learned a lot about mental illness through first hand experience. I started writing this blog when I was experiencing the worst depression of my life and kind of just settled on the fact that my life was not going to get any better. I accepted a disorder as…

‘Mama! You dare?’

Q. Did you ever cancel or annul an adoption? answered by Kristen Gorden, Raised several children with severe mental illness We were advised to with our second youngest. At 4 we were asked not to bring her to church because of her behaviors. By the age of 5 she had already been in a pediatric […]