Chicken tumeric soup

Quick & easy chicken tumeric immune boosting soup recipe Dr Jacques du Toit *Boil together in a pot for at least 45 – 60 mins 1.5kg chicken with bone 1.5L water 5cm chop fresh ginger or 1 teaspoon/5g ginger powder 2 teaspoons/10g tumeric powder 3 garlic gloves crushed and chopped finely 1 chilli pepper chopped […]

A letter from Italy.

by Samantha Schilling Peace for all. We live in Italy – Milan. I’m going to share with you and explain to you, “How is life here in Milan” during these difficult days and how do I think you should learn from the mistakes and their consequences that we live here. We are currently in quarantine. […]

Something Is Causing Our Eyeballs to Elongate

Human eyesight is degrading right before our eyes, and the problem is growing by Robert Roy Britt Human eyeballs are growing longer, from front to back, at an alarming rate, resulting in a spike in the prevalence of myopia, or nearsightedness. Among Americans, rates of myopia have increased from 25% of people in 1971 to […]

Virus Whistleblower Dies

Chinese doctor who sounded the alarm about the virus dies By KEN MORITSUGU BEIJING (AP) — A Chinese doctor who got in trouble with authorities in the communist country for sounding an early warning about the coronavirus outbreak died Friday after coming down with the illness. The Wuhan Central Hospital said on its social media […]

How to Do Business Without Any Other People

The Coronavirus Is Forcing Chinese Companies to Get Creative by Eliza Carter It’s now been over a month since China first alerted the World Health Organization (WHO) to several cases of pneumonia caused by a mysterious virus. Since then, China has confirmed over 24,000 cases of coronavirus and almost 500 people have died. The virus […]