DIY Manufactured Flagstone

By Nick70587 | Instructable During the concept phase of remodeling my backyard I came up with the idea of bordering a stream i was building with flagstones to make a more appealing transition from river rock to gravel. Sort of like a carpet to tile transition in a home. Flagstone is pretty expensive, so if […]

Hot Glue + Soda Cans = Gemstones!

By Randomona | Instructable Hey guys! 🙂 If you like the look of resin charms and gems, but don’t want to use resin, here is an alternative! Also, instead of buying bezel settings, we’re making our own using soda cans! Step 1: Cut and Shape Soda Can Strips To make the fake bezel setting, cut […]

Fibonacci Spiral Clock (Instructables)

By Bushra Juwairia Mulla Clocks have been part of human lives since ancient times. People used to measure time using sundials and hourglass. The modern analog clock which we see today came into existence in the 15th century. Since then most of our analog clocks have had straight needles for their hands. In this Instructable we […]

The Perfect DIY Solar Oven

By Disc Dog | Instructables Welcome to another kick-ass Instructable from Disc Dog! I love cooking with a solar oven! It’s like using the perfect slow cooker, but no heat in the kitchen and best yet, the energy to run it IS FREE! I have a Sun Flair solar cooker on our sailboat and use […]

Weed Destroyer Watering Can

By balco | Instructables Using boiling water to kill the weeds which are growing through the cracks in your patio or driveway is inexpensive, effective and eco-friendly. Of course, you could pour the water directly out of a kettle onto the weeds, but it is difficult to aim the flow and too much water is […]

Living, Growing Plant Wig!

By SusanLand | Instructable Having a bad hair day? Or, for various reasons, maybe you’re having a whole string of no hair days? Whether it’s alopecia, the effects of chemotherapy, or just a really unfortunate haircut, you can still turn heads with this custom, live sedum wig. Full disclosure: I’ve been dealing with a pretty serious health […]

24-hour World Clock (DIY)

By Peter Balch | Instructables This World Clock shows the time of day throughout the world. The number ring rotates so the time at any longitude can be seen. It’s marked with time-zones so you can see the official time or just use the longitude to read the solar time. It uses a 24-hour clock […]

Finishing the 45° Metal Roof! (the Outsider)

My dad and I brave the frozen steel slopes of our log cabin to install the ridge-cap. Then we got the call that the last of our metal roofing panels had finally come in. I made a quick repair on the logging tractor and left to retrieve the steel. Then I scale the roof one […]

Air Hose Reel From Plywood / 360° Swivel

In today’s woodworking project, I will show you how I built my 360° swivel air hose reel from plywood. I made this hose reel for my workshop, it currently hold a 50′ 3/8 air hose and it also work with a 100′ hose. The reel can swivel 360° so it’s easier to go different ways […]

Adjustable Plywood and Aluminium Phone Holder

By TheSuperSewcio. | Instructables Simple and elegant phone holder. It can be made on CNC machine, 3D printed or cut by hand. Phone can be placed in any orientation and angle can be adjusted. It doesn’t obstruct cables on the bottom or buttons on the edges of the phone. Easy and quick project. Supplies For […]