You will be sorely disappointed.

Q. Does installing subwoofers on my vehicle damage my ears? answered by John Spain Installing does not damage anything. Listening to excessively loud bass music might be a different thing altogether. comment John Kenny – Plus all things being equal, one damages hearing a lot faster with high frequency sound. John Spain – You are […]

How humans hear different frequencies at different levels.

Q. Why have graphic equalizers fallen out of popularity with audiophiles? It seems from low-fi to high end everything just has treble and bass adjustments or digital audio sound modes like room emulators. answered by Filipe M. Cross, I worked with audio for a living and built loudspeakers The Fletcher–Munson curves are one of many […]

It just doesn’t sound natural..

Q. How is it that the human ear can easily detect if a voice is processed electronically, no matter how superb the sound system? Is this an insuperable limitation of the speakers? answered by Shane Michaels, Operating Engineer (I.U.O.E.) (2012–present) The human ear doesn’t detect a processed voice, it just passes on what it “hears”, […]

Once again, listen for yourself with your eyes closed and decide.

Q. What makes one speaker sound better than another? answered by Frank Malitz, Owner Bob Carver Corporation (2015-present) First, it’s a challenge requiring research and development. One of the big issues we have in my industry is many engineers rely on measurements instead of their ears. We have never been able to correlate the measurements […]