She was desperately trying to motivate a slug.

I’m 19. My mommy told me she isn’t obligated to buy me anything, not even food, clothing, etc, and I’m freaking out about it. I’m her son and she’s supposed to look after me. What do I do now?

answered by Ron Mak, Construction foreman, Manufacturing plant Supervisor

Your mom is correct. And until you turned 19 you were too.

Get a job. Be an adult.

Yeah, it sucks.

“Didn’t choose to be born” Neither did any of the other 7 billion people on this planet. You are not special.

Added edit. My assumptions. I had no Idea this would get any attention at all.

I was looking beyond what the complainer had written. It’s half the story. What could the other half possibly be? The child played video games ad-nosium. His mom constantly asking for help around the house. He ignored her. He focused on his fake, online buddies. She finally broke. Exhausted, desperate for some movement from the man-child she said her responsibility for him was over.

She did not kick him out. He would have mentioned that. She was desperately trying to motivate a slug.

I’ve been there. Seen it, done it.

My son is ok now. When he finally moved into a cheap apt he could afford, I helped. Just enough he would not starve. If he wanted meat in his ramen noodles, he needed a job to earn money to buy it.

But the conversation with him was much like this kids mom had with him.

Odds are enormous that if mommy-boy showed any motivation, she would be there to help.


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