Sorry to say but, your brother is a jerk.

Can children demand half of their inheritance from the parent who is still living?

answered by Helena Humbridge, Educator at NYC (Brooklyn) (1999–present)

My parents have passed away 18 years ago. About 5 years before they passed, my brother, 7 years older than me, demanded that our parents sell their house and give him his inheritance. I never could understand why-he and his wife made over $100,000 combined. My brother never said anything like they were in a crisis or they had a medical emergency. He just wanted it. My brother made no offers on helping them find a new place or to help them pack. In fact, my mom had cancer and dad had his second stroke. They were in no condition to pack up and move anywhere. I moved into the upstairs apartment with my kids so I could take care of my parents. My brother was furious. I ruined his plans, he screamed. I said I know. My brother thought he could bully them into selling. It was no sale…


c o m m e n t

Denise BercierYour selfish brother does not realize that no one is entitled to an inheritance. If your parents had decided to leave it all to charity that would have been their right. So glad you stopped his plan!

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