Learn to Code with These Awesome Apps and Websites


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Code is something we use every day but probably don’t realize it, and understanding a language your computer understands is incredibly powerful. By learning how to code, you can build mobile apps, create websites, and even contribute to larger projects.

Update, 3/2/22: Updated pricing for Mimo.

Table of Contents

Which Language Should You Learn First?
The Best Apps for Learning How to Code
  Jump into JavaScript: Grasshopper
  Free Courses for More Languages: Khan Academy
  Plentiful Low-Cost Tailored Courses: Udemy
  Small Daily Lessons: Enki
  Learn Solo, With a Community: SoloLearn
  Get Swifty: Swift Playgrounds
  Have the Ol’ College Experience: Udacity
  Bite-Size Lesson: Mimo
  Learn to Code Efficiently: Codecademy
  Straightforward Learning and Interview Prep: FreeCodeCamp

Which Language Should You Learn First?

Programming is one of those skills that doesn’t necessarily have a set order of components to learn, and as such, there isn’t really a standard for which language you should learn first. The method that most programmers use to figure out which language to learn is that they consider what they want to do career-wise, or what they want to build.

That, in turn, determines which language (or series of languages) they need to learn. So, look up the types of jobs you are interested in, look at their job descriptions, see which languages they require. From there, find an app that’s compatible with the language(s) you’ll be learning and jump on in.

That said, the most common computer programming languages you are likely to see are Python, JavaScript, and Java. And, you can take some solace in the fact that, although programming languages are different and are designed to perform differing tasks, their logic is mostly the same no matter what language you use, and that is ultimately what you need to learn.

The Best Apps for Learning How to Code

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