Make extra sure it goes to any and all guests on his side.

My fiance got his co-worker pregnant. Our wedding is in 2 months and everything’s paid for. He says he still loves me and that he made a mistake. What should I do? What would you do?

answered by Jon Michael Sakamoto, lives in Alamo, TX (2013-present)

A mistake is buying the wrong brand of coffee. A mistake is putting on two different colored socks. A mistake is thinking the speed limit is 75 when it is actually only 65.

Sleeping with and getting someone pregnant before your wedding…that is not a mistake. That is a premonition of things to come.

Take the hint. Accept that you dodged a bullet and save yourself future misery.

Ask yourself this: you are (I am assuming) young and in your prime….and he cheated on you when his feelings about you should be the strongest. What happens when you start getting a few years older and young girls at work catch his eye? Will it be even easier to cheat?

Before you invest more time into this guy, recognize that he is not the one, but the right one could still be out there for you.

Accept that and move on!


Edward MahoneySend a wedding cancellation card to everyone on the guest list, explaining the wedding is cancelled due to the groom getting another woman pregnant. Make extra sure it goes to any and all guests on his side. You are dodging a bullet. Be happy you found out before you were actually married to him.

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