Weather Swings in the Garden

by Jill McSheehy | Journey with Jill

Crazy. The last two weeks high temps soared into the 90s, (over 10 degrees above average), and this week, we’ve barely gotten above 70.

I’ve had several people ask me how my garden has made it with the extremes. Actually, it’s doing pretty well.

I’ve become convinced that these weather extremes can no longer be considered “one-off” aberrations like we might have once thought.

I think we need to be prepared for “unseasonal” swings to continue.

How do we prepare for this? I’m convinced it begins at the soil-level.

I’ve watched carefully these last few weeks as my plants have grown stronger while weathering the heat and the cool. Besides that, we had 7+ days of 90+ temps with no rain. I irrigated a couple of times, but I’m not convinced it was necessary except in my containers. Over time I’ve noticed that my healthiest soil retains and sheds water as needed — like a sponge.

Again, I’m convinced this also begins at the soil-level.

Building great soil can take time (especially for in-ground gardens). It takes less time in new raised beds. Either way, it should be something we’re all trying to work toward.

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