Lo and behold his pregnant wife and children never received one red cent from his mother.

While sorting through a deceased person’s possessions, what is the most disturbing thing you found?

by Shil King | posted by Maria Garcia

Years ago I knew an Army wife who’s husband was killed while he was active duty. They had been married for around 5 or 6 years and had one set of twins and she was pregnant at the time of his death. To all of our horror his friends, coworkers, her friends, family etc. his life insurance was still in his mother’s name. He never got around to changing it after he got married for some reason.

Well lo and behold his pregnant wife and children never received one red cent from his mother. They ended up having to move out of base housing after his death around 90 days later I believe. His mother didn’t even have a service for him she just had him cremated and who knows what she did with his ashes. Needless to say, another military family had taken his pregnant wife and children in. After she had the baby she went to school to get her RN and to make a long story short she is doing fine now and so are her now grown children.

His mother got something. like $500,000 plus she still had he own policy on him as well. His pregnant widow ended up turning the car over to the bank because they only had one and she couldn’t afford the payments. It’s still to this day one of the largest messes I have ever witnessed. Lawyers couldn’t help nobody could because he had the policies in his mother’s name.

Years later when grandma went broke she tried to befriend her husbands widow and now adult children. This didn’t go over well as his children would never forgive her for what she did to her mother. His mother also had taken personal Items of her son’s and claimed she didn’t. So his adult children only had a few things to remember their dad by.

I will never understand how anyone could do this to a pregnant widow and her children. His mother literally left her and the kids with $0. Unbelievable! It was the talk on base for a long time. I really hope karma is real, because his mom totally deserves what ever is coming to her!


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