He was fantastic and said he would make 3 childs plates, on the house, for the extra adults.

How would you handle uninvited guests the DAY of your wedding, that absolutely can’t be accommodated for? “Oh, so-and-so’s wanted to come so I brought them!”

answered by Sara Pickett, lives in Meridian, ID (2019-present)

This happened at my wedding. A family of 3 had asked about a week prior if they could bring 2 extra people and my now husband had said unfortunately no, we aren’t able to add anyone at the last minute. We were already a bit over budget.

Right before the start of the wedding I was sitting in the parking lot about to enter the venue and the family pulled up. In 2 cars. There were 6 people!!! I almost lost my you know what as my best friend jumped out of the car saying “I got this.”

My friend greeted them with a huge smile and said “I see we have a few extra. Go on in, I’ll find you after the ceremony and show you where you will be sitting for dinner as we have a seating chart that 3 of you aren’t on.”

Ceremony went on beautifully, our vows were straight from The Princess Bride so everyone stood as it lasted less than 5 minutes. Once over, my friend spoke with the venue owner and explained the situation. He was fantastic and said he would make 3 childs plates, on the house, for the extra adults. Also, they figured out spots for them to eat, each at a different table, spread out across the room.

In the end it was an easy solution to a situation that was not ideal. Everything worked out in the end! We’ve never said anything to the family about the extra people but when I see them, it is always in my mind.


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