I could hear him chew out the nursing staff and my midwife. It was glorious!

What is the scariest example of medical negligence you’ve seen?

answered by Jennefer McAndrew, Wife, Mother (1979-present)

I was 6 months pregnant with a very healthy pregnancy. I went to get out of the car which was not difficult at 6 months along. I swung my legs out and my feet touched the ground then all of a sudden I was hysterically crying, snot pouring out of my nose, screaming in pain. Pain level 9. My husband got me to the ER where I kept yelling at everyone that it hurt above my uterus and it wasn’t pregnancy related. Up to the maternity ward they take me despite my insistence that it wasn’t pregnancy related. I laid flat on my back and pain eased up to tolerable. Pain level 5. Red flag! A six-month pregnant woman won’t want to lie flat on her back. The baby checked out fine just as I knew he would. This same scenario happened eight times over the next month and a half and no one would listen that it was not pregnancy related.

Finally on that eighth time I was admitted because now I’m seen as a pain meds seeker and they wanted to do an early delivery because I’m now an unfit mother. Keep in mind that I have declined pain meds every single time they were offered. I wouldn’t be able to describe my symptoms if they covered them up with pain meds. A new sonographer comes in to my hospital room to do a long ultrasound to make sure the baby is making breathing motions so they could deliver early via c-section. This is my third kid and I’ve only delivered vaginally. Before she came in I could hear the nurses telling her how I was just after pain meds and they were going to have a social worker take the baby as soon as it was born. So at this point I’m horrified. My mom, husband and 13-year-old daughter had just stepped out to get something to eat so I was alone when I overheard the evil nurses.

The sonographer gets set up with her machine and looks at me in the most loving and caring way and asks about my pain. I tell her everything because I’m distraught, angry and confused. I need to let it all out. I tell her no one has even examined the area in pain and it’s been over a month. She asked if she can try to see something with the ultrasound. “YES, PLEASE!!!” She puts the wand above my uterus, squints at the screen and says, “What is that?” Then she says, “Bear down,” so I did and she completely freaked out, ran out to the nurses’ station and proceeded to yell very loudly at all the nurses about negligence and how could they do this to another human being. It turned out that an internal incision from having my gall bladder removed had ripped open and my intestines were bulging.

finally got to see a general surgeon and get some answers. He left my room door open so I could hear him chew out the nursing staff and my midwife. It was glorious! I delivered at 40 weeks with a very very easy labor and delivery. The baby was perfectly healthy. The surgeon repaired the hernia and life is good again.


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