Plywood DML Speakers

By JGJMatt | Instructable

Hello everyone

This is a little obsession of mine…

A few years ago I saw a video on Youtube about flat panel speakers and decided to have a go at making a pair.

After listening to my first very basic pair I was addicted to the sound, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.


Airy does not begin to describe DML’s they are next level, I couldn’t believe all the details in tracks that I’ve never heard before on conventional speakers.

And so my journey down the rabbit hole began, I now have a heap of panels that I’ve tested over the years… different materials, shapes, sizes, thicknesses, coatings… the list goes on and on, each small change makes a big impact on the sound.

When the time came to get some sound into my office I knew I had to have some kind of DML included in the system. My 4in bookshelf speakers was always a bit flat and lifeless so I decided to make some mid to high range DML panels to accompany them, although these panels can easily be used as full range drivers when accompanied by a small subwoofer as small flat panel speakers fall off below ~100Hz.

Join me on my journey of creating some small plywood DML panels…

Step 1: What’s Needed:

view instructable . .

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