DIY Manufactured Flagstone

By Nick70587 | Instructable

DIY Manufactured Flagstone

During the concept phase of remodeling my backyard I came up with the idea of bordering a stream i was building with flagstones to make a more appealing transition from river rock to gravel. Sort of like a carpet to tile transition in a home. Flagstone is pretty expensive, so if you’ve looked through any of my other ‘ibles you’ll know I’m too cheap for that. Since my remodel was going to be over the course of a year or so I figured I would have time to work on faux flagstones and spread the cost out.



Drill and various drill bits



Shovel/Trowel for mixing concrete

Latex/Rubber Gloves






Craft Foam


Portland Cement

Medium Sand

Concrete Colorant

Step 1: Mold Construction

Mold Construction

The molds are pretty straight forward. I started out with only one to prove my concept. I had some plywood and MDF scraps from other projects and used this as the base of the mold which would eventually be the “top” of the flagstones. Next I cut up random lengths of 2×3 for the mold walls and predrilled some screw holes for securing them to the wood base.

While arranging the mold walls I wanted to come out with a flagstone that was elongated to maximize the length without using too much concrete but also make it look natural and aesthetically pleasing. After my first “rock” was complete I made three different molds. I have a total of 5 different shapes at the end by changing the position of the 2×3 on two of the molds after I had made several of the original.

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