There a problem besides your current malpractice situation.

As a nurse, what was a potentially grave mistake you were able to stop a doctor from making?

answered by Luke Luikart, BS Registered Nurses (2000)

About 15 years ago a condescending cardiologist was gracing us with his precious time and presence and was making rounds. He walked up to the chart boxes , grabbed one went into the room and this was the conservation :

How are you doing this morning Mr. Smith.

Well I’m kinda…. ( cut him off )

Well one day at a time. Going to adjust your medication. See you later.

Waltzes out. Tosses chart at the nurses station and barks to check orders.

Maybe 5 mins on the floor. So I picked up the chart, two HUGE errors.

One , wrong chart, changed medications on the wrong patient so jeopardising two patients. Wait it gets better. The chart he “changed“ medication on wasn’t his patient and wasn’t even on that medication. Two, he basically ignored his patient and didn’t even listen to what he had to say which he was SOB, short of breath.

So I call the God doctor and he barks out I’m busy what do you want? Just thought you might want to review your order on Mr. Smith 215 as you looked at the wrong chart and ordered meds on a patient you don’t even have. Hung up.

He stormed up demanding to know who hung up on him.


How dare you. Where is the charge nurse.

Your looking at him. There a problem besides your current malpractice situation. Now go talk to Mr. Smith, listen to him, cancel your order on his roommate, document why another doctor was writing orders on their patient and before you scream and have a temper tantrum take it up with administration, I’ll give you the name and number on your way out.

He stammered ok. He did just that. We never had words again but I never gave him the time of day unless it involved my patients.


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