It was a fairytale style wedding that many little girls dream of.

What happened at a wedding that made you feel horrible for the bride?

answered by Kiara Bay, B.A from Ca’ Foscari University of Venice (2020)

My cousin got married in 2016.

Since she is an only child, her parents financially supported and spoiled her for the special day. They cared for every detail: it was a fairytale style wedding that many little girls dream of.

The location was a beautiful exclusive bay in Sicily. Her dress had been personally designed by a famous Italian stylist. Every guest was given a fancy kit to survive to the wedding ceremony: a paper fan for the heat, band-aids for uncomfortable shoes, a bottle of water, and a repellent spray for flies and mosquitoes (it was an open-air Church)

Everything was perfect, except for one thing: the groom’s mother. For some unknown reasons, she never really liked her son’s fiancee. My cousin was already working as a lawyer at that time. She has great communicative skills, she is polite, well-mannered and caring.

Back to the wedding day, as soon as my cousin made her entrance, the groom’s mother said out loud: “That awful dress makes her look so fat” .

It was so awkward and uncalled for. I felt so bad for the bride because she had recently recovered from a complicated surgery due to a disease called endometriosis, where she suffered internal bleeding. The fact that she was alive and able to celebrate their wedding was a miracle.

I think she looked incredible anyway (picture attached), and I’m not saying this because my opinion might be biased. A bride is always radiant and extremely beautiful. It’s her day, so no one should feel entitled to ruin it by making rude statements. Not only the mother in law disrespected the bride, but also her own son. Not to mention that she embarrassed herself in front of everyone.

EDIT: My cousin and her husband are now parents of a beautiful 2 year-old baby girl named Ginevra. They are also expecting a baby boy. Unfortunately, that woman kept spreading hate and toxicity even after their wedding celebration. They decided to keep their kids far from her, so she doesn’t have a big role in their lives anymore. The door is always open though, so I hope one day she will understand what she’s missing.

Anyway, since you asked, here you have a few more pictures of the dress and the location!

In the comments sections, I noticed that a lot of people ask what he is wearing. It’s a uniform, he is a superintendent.


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