A navigation hotline in 1963. Long, long before Google Maps.

What are some rare pictures that we have never seen?

answered by Justin Jones, studied at Otis College of Art and Design (2012)

  • An old rail car used as a bridge.
  • An eclipse and a sunset, occurring at the same time.
  • A sea turtle riding a jellyfish.
  • The fashion for hats, New York, 1939.
  • A five-megabyte hard drive is shipped by IBM, 1956.
  • Camp Nou Stadium in Barcelona (1925).
  • Charlie Chaplin and Albert Einstein.
  • President Bush receiving the news of the terrorist attacks on September 11th (2001).
  • Aircraft detection before radar, 1917-1940
  • Living Emblem of the United States Marines. 100 officers & 9,000 enlisted men.
  • Acrobats Balance On Top Of The Empire State Building, 1934
  • A little girl plays with her pet alligator.
  • A German soldier balancing on a trained horse in 1935.
  • Filming of the MGM opening credits (1928).
  • Racing cars on the roof of the Fiat Factory in Turin, Italy (1923).
  • A navigation hotline in 1963. Long, long before Google Maps.
  • Human-size chess game with actual soldiers in St. Petersburg, Russia (1924).
  • The camera man capturing this footage doesn’t even look fazed. He’s probably too scared.
  • An African boy plays with an abandoned tank, 1991.

Thank you for reading:)


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