He is the most natural pilot I have ever known.

What’s something your child has done that you’re going to talk about forever?

answered by Charles Marsh, Engineer (Retired) Presently Owner/CEO (1983-present)

At nine years old my oldest son caught a mistake by our air traffic controller (ATC) as I was landing my plane.

All he said was “Daddy, something’s wrong”.

I immediately radioed the ATC for confirmation of being cleared to land and after a moments’ hesitation was told (almost in a shout) to abort my landing and go around.

My son knew that something was different on this approach. He was right. I felt it too. The ATC had me vectored way too close to an approaching Boeing 727 that he should have put first in line because he was going much faster than the normal approach speed. The Boeing was so close in fact that I could not see him until his landing lights began blazing on the trailing edges of my wings and props. I simultaneously retracted the landing gear and full throttled my Cessna 310 and put it into a steep bank and climb in time but it was ONE WILD RIDE to get out of his way in time. Many planes could not have done this maneuver. Thank God mine could.

We later found out that the Boeing’s airspeed indicator had failed and the pilot only realized his overspeed condition as he saw me open the throttles and saw blue flames coming from my exhaust pipes as I streaked away to his left.

Although my son had grown up in the cockpit it had not occurred to me before then that he had a sixth sense about flying.

He was a pilot by sixteen.

Friends and fellow pilots have called me the best pilot they know, but my son is better.

He is the most natural pilot I have ever known.


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