Um, honey, your menu is on fire!

What was the most entertaining faux pas you’ve witnessed at a restaurant?

answered by Jennifer Detrick, wire wrap jewelry artist

My boyfriend decided to treat me to a romantic candle-lit dinner at our favorite restaurant.

We were seated and each of us was given given a paper menu. I quickly decided what I wanted, and as I looked up from my menu I saw that, unbeknownst to him, the top half of his menu that he was holding had caught fire from the candle burning at our table while he was enjoying the view from our window seat!

“Um, honey, your menu is on fire!” I said.

The look on his face was priceless! He was able to extinguish it with his glass of ice water, but not before everybody in the restaurant saw what he had accidentally done. The patrons and the wait staff all got a good laugh, myself included!



Charles Edwards – I had been dating a woman for about a year and decided to pop the question the next weekend taking her to a Steak and Ale to set the mood. The day of the deed I drove down early in the day to speak to the manager. Told him what I was planning asking for his help. Table in the back, subdued lighting, table bussed as soon as we were finished. In essence, some priva y and a clean table. Evidently Murphy decided to take over between then and that night. Showed up at her apt in a suit. She did not want to go out. She said she’d be happy with McDonald’s walking distance from her apt. Had to do some arm-twisting to get her to dress up to go. From her apt S&A was maybe 30 minutes away. When we get there they put us in the smack dab middle of the large dining room underneath what seemed to be a spotlight. When the meal was over she takes off for the ‘powder room’. Figure OK. Maybe we can pull this off anyway. Look around for someone to buss tge table. It was as if there was a fire drill for all employees. The only people in the whole place were customers. Alright. Where’s a bus cart? I’ll do it myself. Wherever the employees went they took the carts with them. Frantically I start excavations creating a tunnel through all the dirty dishes from my chair to hers. When she gets back there is just enough room in the middle of the table to reach through to take her hands while I stumble through a prepared speech forgetting half of it but remembering the part of asking her to grow old with me. That was maybe 7 or 8 months before we got married which will be 41 years ago come Sept 6 this year. Since S&A is no longer in business I found out Outback is their Phoenix rising from the ashes with upper management of S&A starting it up so we have been going there for anniversaries for several years now. Last year with Covid they reopened just in time. Again with going in early with a big spray of roses they agreed to keep in their cooler. It’s like they were trying to make up for that engagement fiasco. The manager had everything set up a led us to the table. I think every member of the staff there that night helped it happen.

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