They’d be hard-pressed to prove he was insane or a mental defect. 

Would it be rude to ask my grandparents for my inheritance while they’re alive so they can see me enjoy it by going travelling?

answered by John Ian Bobbitt, Lead Designer & Co-Founder (2007-present)

Just food for thought. Recently my grandfather passed away, and he was very wealthy. At the reading of the will we all received a great shock. But before I tell you what that was, let me go back about a year.

A year ago I got a call to my grandfather to fly home to see him. At the time, I’ve been on assignment for our family company in another state, doing his bidding. I loved my grandfather without reservation and he was by far the best man I’ve ever known. I idolized him. So when I got home and he asked me what of his belongings I wanted when he passed away, I was taking a back. I found myself unable to talk, to be perfectly honest. I couldn’t think either. And eventually I managed to croak out that the only thing I would be heartbroken not to have would be his watch. It’s a very rare watch, and one that he wore every day since my grandmother gave it to him on their anniversary 50 years ago. It just something that I associate with him more than anything else as he never took it off.

After I’d gone back home, he apparently called my father, an award-winning loser if ever there was one. Apparently, when asked the same question my dad ran back to the guest room to his suitcase, and returned with a list. It had been printed on one of the old dot matrix printers. You know, the kind that use perforated pages that stack upon themselves like an accordion in a box below the printer? Old school. He printed this list up a very long time ago. On it was nearly 800 items listed by maker, model, serial numbers, and with the detailed description. He’d been very thorough.

After the meeting, my dad returned to his home in Colorado. A small apartment set in the very side of the mountain…

Fast forward again to the present, we’re all sitting at the reading of the will. I’m surrounded by a host of family members, all come to see what they’d won in this lottery of birth. And wouldn’t you know it, my grandfather left every single thing to me. He had glossed over the entire rest of the family, including my father, and dropped it all in my lap along with a list of instructions as to how he’d like his money spent to the greater good. He knew that of all of our family, I would be the one to see his wishes out and not steal a dime.

Only one item did he grant my father. His John Deere riding lawn mower (think about it).

I should also mention I’m now being sued by just about every member of my family now. But seeing as how my grandfather designed a supersonic jet ride up until the week he died, they’d be hard-pressed to prove he was insane or a mental defect. So I just sit back and let them spend a fortune try to get money they’ll never see.

Point is, your priorities are screwed up young man. And it might just cost you dearly if you aren’t simply thankful in the event they leave you anything. Instead of travelling, spend that time with them while they’re still here.


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