Chevy Bolt Owners Might Get a Battery Fix Sooner Than Expected

by CORY GUNTHER | Review Geek

GM Chevy Bolt EV charging

Chevy Bolt owners are getting some potentially good news today. First, GM confirmed that replacement batteries are back in production and could be available for Chevy Bolt EV owners in October rather than late November. Then, it announced that new diagnostic software would arrive within 60 days.

Earlier this year, GM recalled every Bolt EV model released since 2017 due to at least a dozen fires, halted production, and faced several delays. Just last week, GM announced further delays into October and that they were working closely with LG Chem to fix defects in the battery cells.

All along, the news suggested replacement battery packs would “begin in November,” but that production would be slow, and some owners could be waiting until early 2022 before they get fully working and safe battery packs inside vehicles.

However, According to Reuters, GM and LG have fixed the problem and resumed production on Monday. More importantly, this new announcement claims defect-free batteries will arrive next month, and owners can start getting battery swaps.

A photo of the 2022 Chevy Bolt at a beach.

GM says that owners of older Bolts (years 2017 to 2019) will have to get full battery module replacements, while newer Bolt EVs will get individual modules replaced.

Additionally, new diagnostic software will be available at dealerships in the coming weeks. This new software will continually scan battery packs for signs of wear or defects. GM suggests users continue to follow its safety guidelines regarding charging to 90-percent, and park at least 50-feet from other vehicles if it detects a defect. However, if the software doesn’t see any issues, it will eventually allow owners to get a full 100-percent charge and loosen some of the restrictions detailed here.

For now, Bolt owners should still follow GM’s guidelines until the software update is available, then be on the lookout for replacement battery packs in October and November.

via The Verge

5 thoughts on “Chevy Bolt Owners Might Get a Battery Fix Sooner Than Expected

      1. I have witnessed the wiring of a Crewe coach ripped out on our street, one Sunday. I have witnessed grand saloons, brand new, with failed gearboxes.

        My little Mazda 323 was more reliable than most.

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      2. I bought mine new as well, much later, at around R23k. I bought it as we had fifty or so company cars but the one that endured doing all the rough work, was the Tarzan mobile. The corporate one clocked up half a million km trouble free.

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