“Be awesome with somebody”

Is there such a thing as a purely altruistic act?

answered by Hervée Tia, lives in West Africa (1992-present)

At least some people try.

If you don’t know this guy, his name is Mark Bustos. Mark is a Filipino-American hairdresser living in an expensive area of New York. He spends 6 days a week working in his barber shop and only has sundays as rest days. But instead of taking advantage of this day off for himself, he made the decision to spend it in a very altruistic way.

Mark spends his Sundays hanging out in the street to give free haircuts and beard styles to the homeless.

His motto “Be awesome with somebody” has him offer free hair and beard cuts in different countries not only America but also his motherland Philippines (where it all started), or else China, Jamaica…

Mark Bustos’ Be awesome with somebody is intended for bringing some warmth, dignity and moral support to the homeless. Everybody’s needs – even the homeless are not only about money and the other stuffs. We all need a bit of kindness and humanity.

Probably one of the most altruistic act I’ve come across recently.


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