‘Don’t hold the door for me! I’ll get it myself!’

You hold the door open for a lady and she stops in her tracks and screams at you, ‘Don’t hold the door for me! I’ll get it myself!’ What are your feelings or immediate reaction?

answered by Dave Daurk, Business Degree Small Business Development & Computer Science

I heard this exact phrase, from a woman behind me carrying a large package, heading into the Post Office lobby after regular hours.

The problem was that I had just finally barely dragged the broken door open myself, after struggling with it. (And I’m a fairly strong guy)

So I just said “Okay” and let it slam loudly behind me as I stepped in.

I proceeded to purchase some stamps from the self-serve machine inside, weigh several manila envelopes, and post those through the large item drop.

Then, as I was about to leave, I saw her still desperately screaming and fighting to get that damn door open.

So I just stood there smiling at her through the glass door. After a couple of more futile attempts to open it she got even angrier and stomped off back to the parking lot.

I then saw an older couple approaching and immediately shoved the door open for them. Pushing it was a whole lot easier!

She saw this and scurried back to the entrance, but alas, she didn’t make it in time, before I let the door once again slam loudly, and walked away whistling!

She started cursing at me, the door, and the universe again! 🤬 -LOL

edit: I have always held doors open for everyone and check behind me before letting them go. It’s just a common courtesy and automatic habit, taught to me as a child. I’m generally pleasant, but I will not abide someone being rude to me!


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