‘Good Samaritan Cowboy’ Helps Officers Corral Bull on Freeway


It is not unusual to see traffic snarls in Southern California, but it is rare when a large animal is the cause of the tangle.

That is what happened in Rancho Cucamonga on Wednesday evening when a bull was spotted trotting down the 15 Freeway, KTLA reported.

The incident took place when the bull jumped from its trailer onto the northbound 15 located south of Baseline Road, California Highway Patrol (CHP) officials explained in a Facebook post.

Officers answered the call and found the bull, whose name is Ferdinand, walking down the middle of the road.

“With a lot of patience and the assistance of a good Samaritan cowboy who assisted to lasso the bull, we were able to reunite Ferdinand with his owner. Lanes were stopped during the rescue operation but were soon opened when safe,” the post read.

CHP Rancho Cucamonga shared photos of the bull staring at officers in their vehicles and also grazing near the shoulder of the freeway. One picture appeared to show the “cowboy” approaching the bull with a rope.

Additional video footage showed the seemingly unperturbed bull surrounded by law enforcement vehicles as it tried to continue down the highway.

“Hiya!” an officer was heard saying into his speaker. “Come on buddy, come on!” he urged the animal.

The incident unfolded in less than an hour and no additional details were reported, according to KTLA.

Facebook users praised those who helped corral the animal, one writing, “Way to go CHP” while others commented on the on the bull’s appearance.

“What a handsome fella!” someone wrote.

Meanwhile, some noted how the animal seemed not to care what was happening around him.

“He was in ZERO hurry,” user Ashley Cassel said.

“Ashley Cassel none at all. Lol. He looked at us like we were in the wrong,” CHP Rancho Cucamonga officials replied.

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