South Africa took me by surprise

by Itchy Boots

Slowly Savannah and I are clocking away thousands of kilometers in South Africa. After 7 weeks, we have reached our 5.000km milestone. During my Asian and South American adventures, I would ride about 5000km each month, but a Honda CRF250L is not made to churn out 700 kilometers a day. That is okay, because here in South Africa I am riding a lot more on dirt roads than I have ever done before during my motorcycle travels. It makes me a very happy adventure rider!

Itchy Boots

South Africa adventure motorcycle galore 

As soon as I arrived in Johannesburg, it dawned on me that South Africa does not only have a huge motorcycle scene, it also has a huge motorcycle adventure scene! With hundreds of mountain passes, dirt roads going through deserts, lush green landscapes, and miles of coastal roads, there is an adventure ride around every corner.  

As in many other countries, the BMW GS is the most sold bike here. In my opinion, you don’t necessarily need a big (and expensive) BMW GS to experience the best of South Africa. On the other hand, South Africa is a big country. So I understand why people would like to have a powerful bike to ride with. It makes commuting to another part of the country a lot more comfortable.   

Recently, I met three locals riding their BMW GS. They told me that they had ridden 800 kilometers on their first day when leaving Johannesburg, averaging 160 kilometers per hour on the highway. Such a trip would take Savannah and me two long and exhausting days! Luckily, I don’t want to cover 800 kilometers in one day. I prefer to ride on dirt roads, take it slow, and enjoy all the amazing dirt roads and sceneries.  

Blending in with locals

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