It turns out I was Wrong. Money is our most valuable asset.

What is the lamest “benefit” you’ve been offered by an employer?

answered by James Risner, Maths Teacher

I used to work for Aon Insurance, one of the largest insurance underwriters on the planet. Overall it wasn’t a bad place to work but one time they really stepped in it.

We were all given mugs. Nice big mugs with the Aon logo on them. Nice sturdy ones, nothing cheap at all. People liked them and they got used a lot.

Then a few months later a notice went around saying that if you quit within a year of getting your Aon mug you had to return it or they would deduct £6.50 from your final paycheck.

  1. The company was earning billions of pounds a year. They really needed £6.50?
  2. What did they do with the mugs that were returned? Run them through the dishwasher and give them to new hires?

As a result, someone put the altered Dilbert cartoon below in the print room. It would stay up a few days and then a manager would take it down. It would pop up again later and it would get taken down again. I never knew who kept replacing it but found it hilarious.


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