Duracell and Energizer tested — and one battery crushed its competitors

Discharge tests of three brands, Energizer, Duracell, and AlphaCell, revealed that there is one battery that crushed its competitors — Energizer Ultimate Lithium.

Promoted as “The World’s Longest Lasting AA Battery”, the Energizer Ultimate Lithium lived up to its name in MyBroadband’s tests.

To compare the batteries, MyBroadband purchased five AA battery brands from the local Spar. These batteries differed significantly on price:

  • AlphaCell Pro digital – R15.00 per battery
  • Energizer Max – R17.00 per battery
  • Energizer Max Plus – R17.25 per battery
  • Duracell Plus – R19.25 per battery
  • Energizer Ultimate Lithium – R32.50 per battery

To assess the performance of these brands, MyBroadband did two discharge tests:

  • The first test was at a constant current draw of 0.2A, which is a low current to simulate common household devices which use AA batteries.
  • The second test was performed with a higher constant current draw of 1A, closer to what something like a powerful flashlight would consume.

All tests were performed in the same air-conditioned office with a computerised battery analyser to ensure accurate and comparable results.

Each battery was drained to 0.8V under load, which is a voltage at which many consumer products would stop working. It is a common standard to which most manufacturers rate their batteries.

During each test, the voltage was constantly monitored and recorded to calculate the battery’s total watt-hours capacity. This is the total power that the battery provided during the test.

Battery tests 2
Battery testing setup

Battery test results

The results showed that the Energizer Ultimate Lithium outperformed its competitors on high and low current draws.

It performed particularly well on the higher current draw, where it lasted three times longer than its closest competitors.

The charts below show the performance of each battery at a lower and higher current draw.

It should be noted that these tests should not be taken as absolute measurements, as environments can vary, but rather as a relative comparison between batteries.

Price and performance

Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries easily outperformed other options, but it also comes at a significantly higher price.

At R32.50 per battery, an Energizer Ultimate Lithium battery is around double the price of the other batteries in the test.

To establish which battery gives you the best bang for your buck, we calculated the price per watt-hour for each brand.

It showed that the Energizer Ultimate Lithium was still the best option overall.

While the Energizer Max and AlphaCell Pro Digital narrowly beat it out in the low power price-per-watt rankings, the Energizer Ultimate Lithium was by far the best option in the high power test.

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