Adjustable Plywood and Aluminium Phone Holder

By TheSuperSewcio. | Instructables

Adjustable Plywood and Aluminium Phone Holder

Simple and elegant phone holder. It can be made on CNC machine, 3D printed or cut by hand.

Phone can be placed in any orientation and angle can be adjusted. It doesn’t obstruct cables on the bottom or buttons on the edges of the phone.

Easy and quick project.


For DIY parts you will need:

  • Some plywood (I used 6mm thick),
  • 8mm aluminium tube.

These parts can also be 3D printed if you don’t have the materials.


  • 4x M3 50mm screws and M3 nuts.

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Step 1: Design and Parts

Design and Parts
Design and Parts
Design and Parts

This phone holder was designed mostly in Tinkercad. The actual gear profile was skeched in InkScape and then imported to Tinkercad where the design was finalized.

The holder consists of 4 plywood parts and 4 aluminium tubes. It is held together with 50mm M3 bolts.

I milled recesses in my plywood parts from both sides therefore my aluminium tubes needed to be 42mm long for the M3 screws to reach to the other side. These recesses are optional, if you want to cut the parts by hand make the tubes 36mm long.

Cutting templates in svg format as well as stl files for 3D printing are attached in this step. If you want you can also 3D print the connecting tubes.

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