The Minimalist Solar System

by Mobile Solar Power

This setup works well if you:

  • Plan to install in a minivan/car/off-road truck/cargo van with limited roof space
  • Want a lightweight setup
  • Plan to run a laptop, USB charger, and some LED lights (but do not plan to run any large motors/microwaves or large appliances)

Recommended components:

  • 100 amp hour usable deep cycle battery
  • 100-200 watt solar panel 
  • 20 amp MPPT charge controller (PWM controller if on a tight budget)
  • 750 watt inverter

Estimated Cost of Recommended Components:

  • ​$130-$260 for Solar Panels
  • $125 for Solar Charge Controller
  • $280 for Lead Acid Batteries or $950 for Lithium Batteries
  • $170 for Inverter
  • $140 for Branch Connectors/Cable Entry Gland/Wire/Crimp Connectors/Fuses
  • $50-$150 for Tools (Cheap tools are available, but you are better off buying high quality tools)

Estimated Total Cost with 200 watt solar panel array:

  • Complete System with Lead Acid Batteries: $1,075.00
  • Complete System with Lithium Batteries: $1,745.00
    (Lithium is still cheaper option because it will last 4-8 times longer than the lead acid system)

Major Components Of This System Mounted To A Wooden Board


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