Nice of you to return it to them. Surely they just forgot it.

You leave your Trolley, I’ll bring it back to you!

So I was at a check-out in my local supermarket, behind a couple buying their weekly shop. They easily had about 4-5 of the big bag-for-life style bags and a shopping trolley/cart with them.

Now, the check-out aisle is only small, enough to fit a trolley but not enough room to move around it.

There I am waiting for them to pay up so I can buy the ONE drink I have with me, expecting them to load their shopping back up in to their trolley and take it out of the shop. Instead, they pick up their bags and begin to walk out, leaving me blocked in to the check-out. Completely and utterly rude move!

So I hurriedly pay for my drink and, with no other option, load it in to the trolley that they’d left blocking my way and begin to walk out with their trolley. But this is where I get petty. I see them obliviously walking out with their shopping, so I slowly overtake them, then start leading the way with their trolley.

We reach the entrance to the supermarket, with me a few feet in front of them. I take my one drink out of their trolley in the entrance way to the supermarket. Then proceed to park the trolley on its side, right in front of them, taking up the entrance way in front of them. While looking at them deadpan in the eyes, and, without a word, I walk out of the store.

source : reddit


Nice of you to return it to them. Surely they just forgot it.


I’m not so sure. I’m a cashier supervisor in a similarly small store. I straight up tell people “the cart stall is just outside the door.” People ignore me constantly.

Not like, oh they didn’t hear me. We’re talking eye contact, shrug, walk off anyway leaving next customer boxed in. Every goddamn day.

People are lazy and entitled.


People like that are usually so self absorbed, they probably didn’t even make the connection. But as long as you felt better, I definitely approve!


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