He had flourished whilst away from this mean, kinda toxic group. (reddit)


Q. You find out that the person you met has zero friends and spends all their time alone at home. What is your first thought?

answered by sbxd

Oh man I had this with a friend group a while back. They were talking about a guy having no friends as a reason to not be friends with him (he invited us to his birthday party). I was like ‘um guys I think that just perpetuates the cycle’ but they didn’t really get it. No longer in that friend group and I continue to form my own opinions about people.

Edit: Thank you so much for your upvotes, lovely comments, and the awards 🙂 made my day.

Short answer: I did go to the party!

Long answer:

I made a big deal of being excited about it, made a giant cookie decorated like a coin to bring (he collected coins, which…

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