I thought it was sadistic because his own father had to live in that house until somewhere could take him and the house needed to be livable for him until then.

Q. What is the most sadistic thing you have seen one of your family members do?

answered by Amanda Todd, Home Health Aide, Aspiring Author

My mother’s mother passed about 5 or 6 years ago. When she did, her husband was still living in their house.

He had given my mother permission to use his money in his account to fix up his house. He was in no shape to do it himself as his kids were trying to find a place for him to go (nursing home etc).

My mother decided to redo the downstairs bathroom first as it was the worst in the house. What they won’t tell anyone is that it was that bad because my mother’s mother refused to let her own husband flush the toilet after every time he used it. In fact, he wasn’t allowed upstairs where she was, he slept in a room smaller than a closet while hers was 2 rooms made into one, she degraded him over buying the wrong vacuum bags, he lived on canned soup for years because the only time a meal was made in that house was when my mother’s brother came to town once every five years, the list goes on.

So, my mother called who she needed to and got new plumbing done, new walls, new toilet…new everything. He was so grateful.

As they were in talks of what to do next, his one son went into that account, drained it, and then closed it. Never saying anything to his own father or my mother who he knew was using that money to fix up that house.

When it was found out, of course my mother threw a fit but never confronted the son.

I thought it was sadistic because his own father had to live in that house until somewhere could take him (which takes months or longer in their area) and the house needed to be livable for him until then. That money was to do just that. It was beyond wrong and made worse by not saying anything.

source : Quora


Sadly, elder abuse happens often in many households, and ends up being difficult to do anything about it.

Many elders are easily manipulated by a family member who is able to gain their full trust and even turn them against other family members. Once that deceitful person has that trust in hand, they can easily make their way into bank accounts, credit cards, usually given PIN numbers and passwords by the elderly individual. As well the elderly individual will always buy items, or pay for things frequently.

It all starts out so innocently, with the deceitful person all of a sudden being there everyday or every few days to take them out, help them shop, get to appointments, or just coffee or companionship. The elderly individual becomes attached to this ruthless person, believing that they are the only person that cares for them and will be there for them.

It is very sad indeed 😞

Bea Waters

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