Local Story

An emergency call was received from SAPS to assist with a dog that had been mowed down with a panga in the Hessequa municipal district. It is unthinkable that such cruelty would be inflicted on a sweet girl like MIA. Her leg is beyond repair as the blow has gone straight through the bone and the leg will now require amputation. We are forever grateful to Dr Fourie from Swellendam Animal Hospital who did not hesitate to come to MIA’s aid.  MIA was stabilised and remains hospitalised in Dr Fourie’s care. A case of animal cruelty will be opened and will see us seek justice for MIA under the Animals Protection Act 71 of 1962. If you would like to make a contribution towards the costs of MIA’s treatment and surgery please EFT to: SPCA, Nedbank, a/c 1020480890, Branch code 132105, Reference: MIA

Thank you for helping this little girl in need 😪

source : Swellengram Newsletter (Mrs Gram)

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