Her bullies made fun of her body and the way it was dressed, calling her ugly.

Q. What disturbed you today?

answered by Dylan Sebastian (Material Tester (2015-present)

Not today but yesterday.

I read an article about a girl called Slađana Vidović.

She was 16 years old when she commited suicide by hanging back in 2008.

What disturbed me were the circumstances around it.

She immigrated to the US from Croatia to a place that was considered one of the “100 best places to live at.”

There at highschool, she got bullied mercilessly. She got mocked because of her heavy accent, was even beaten and pushed on some occasions. She was called “Slut-Jana” and other nasty names. They threatened her to go back to where she came from.

At first, Slađana defended herself. But after some time she stopped because she couldn’t handle it anymore.

Then one day, on October 2, 2008, she committed suicide by tying one end of a rope around her neck and the other around a bed post before jumping out her bedroom window.

Her bullies even attended her funeral, which was an open casket funeral.

She wore a sparkling pink dress. A dress she wanted to wear at her prom.

A girl reportedly giggled when she looked at Slađana. Her bullies made fun of her body and the way it was dressed, calling her ugly.

Can you wrap your head around that? They didn’t even feel remorse or show respect at the funeral.

As far as I know, the bullies never got into serious trouble. -Just like how it is in most cases.

And that disturbs the hell out of me. How sick must a person be, to bully someone to death? Let alone not even feel the slightest remorse? To even have the nerve to make fun of their victim’s corpse?

To me such people are straight up psychopaths and a real danger to society.

Cases like this one -and many others- should be called murder case.

Because this is what it is. You as a bully, were responsible for their death, when they would be still alive, if you were not involved. That is murder, it’s a form of murder.

It disturbs me that such people get away with it so easily. It disturbs me that they are way too often not faced with a harsh punishment. It disturbs me that they are not seen for what they are; murderers.

Edit: Thank you all so much for the amount of upvotes. In some kind of way it feels like a tiny, tiny, microscopic bit of justice. To at least let so many people know what this poor girl went through and to spread her story.

Some wonder where have her parents been? Where have the teachers been? It’s a sad reality, it happens WAY too often, that the teachers don’t take bullying seriously at all.

Way to often it happens, just like it has been in this case, that the parents tried everything to help their child. They begged the school on several occasions to do just something. -They didn’t.

I know it from first hand experience, because I used to get bullied too, so I dare to say it: Often it’s the school’s fault.

I can’t remember how often I used to talk to the teachers telling them about the bullying. It got brushed off like it’s nothing, it wasn’t taken seriously or there were no further actions taken.

If the school instantly took action, call the bully’s parents, suspend them, show them any kind of consequences, just anything, so the bully would get into trouble immediately, not all, but a lot of cases would be preventable.

So if you’re reading this as a teacher, I beg you to take it absolutely seriously if one of your students is getting bullied. Try your very best to make it stop.

If you’re reading this as a victim’s parent, support them and call the school, make a damn scene if necessary!

If you’re reading this as a bully’s parent, don’t brush it off with “My child would never do something like that!’, this will not make them stop being a horrible person. But instead raise them right, make them understand that this is not the way they’re allowed to treat others and punish them!

It’s so important that everyone involved is willing to change something.

source : Quora

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