Most of these people didn’t want to fight. They wanted to feel better about themselves.

Q. What was the very first psychological trick you learned that blew your mind?

answered by Greg Ramsey (former Bike Messenger, OTR Truck Driver, Musician)

The phychological trick I learned that blew my mind was intimidation. This is an angry and violent society, so it’s not any wonder that intimidation would be the most common psychological trick one may encounter.

My first encounter with this psychology trick began in my early years of school. Naturally at that age I didn’t understand what was happening. The first thing I noticed was that other children would be generous to me by accepting that which was unusual about me and making friends with me. But after a short period of time, when I began to count on our connection as being trust worthy, some of these children would try to get me to do things for their own benefit that wasn’t right to me. When I would not cooperate with their ploy they would threaten to withdrawal their friendship. This was always felt like a stab in my heart. I would leave their company very fast so they would not see my tears. Because I felt like they weren’t worth the pain. Not if they had only been wanting to manipulate me the whole time. But some of the children insisted that I cooperate with them or they would inflict injury on my body.

Unfortunately I was not emotionally equipped to deal with such aggressive behavior. I succumbed to their psychology trick and as a result was labeled a sissy. For years I was vulnerable to intimidation because I thought it was real. This is why it blew my mind. Because I finally realized one day that it was mostly a psychological trick. Most of these people didn’t want to fight. They wanted to feel better about themselves. And they wanted to have their way and not have to be considerate of what others wanted. They could tell that I had no confidence and would be an easy target.

That would be an adequate answer from my personal experience accept that my mind always pulls back and takes in the big picture. If you choose to read past this point please understand that I am only trying to share a concern so people with the same concern know their not alone.

At some point it became obvious that intimidation is the cornerstone of the patriarchal society. This makes sense because we can see that in the animal kingdom, dominant males use intimidation to frighten off competitive males. Intimidation could be an “instinctive psychology weapon” to minimize the risk of physical injury during competition with other males for breeding rights. This could also be a way for groups of females to protect the well being of their offspring against invaders of their territory.

Intimidation may have orginated as an instinct that was a useful psychology tool, but it has evolved into something dangerous during the present time in our society. Why do I say that? As I’ve mentioned, when I was young I was easily intimidated by human aggression. There was no doubt in my mind that I was a sissy. This seemed to put me at a handicap in life. So I decided to overcome my disadvantage. This was accomplished by acquiring combat skills through sustained and consistent training. This required the daily pratice of discipline.

After many years I reached a point in my life in which intimidation no longer worked on me. If the individual was willing to escalate the intimidation to violence, I warned them that it would be a mistake. Their attempt to harm me would be unsuccessful and it would put them at risk of injury. I only had to prove myself a few times. Sometimes I would get very angry at being put into this situation. I could have easily reasoned that this person needed to be taught a lesson. But I had the discipline to control myself and de-escalate the situation to prevent bloodshed.

But now I have found myself in a society in which people like me are becoming more uncommon. The more common choice people make is the purchase of a firearm when they are bullied, frightened, or just want to feel a sense of empowerment. They have an unfair advantage in combat over the average (unarmed) person. Just like me. Accept they haven’t spent years developmenting their skills and therefore lack the discipline to safely manage possession of this lethal force. It should be noted that this represent’s a very tiny fraction of gun owners. It should be further noted that law enforcement has set a very bad example of using lethal force to make intimidation effective. With such incompetent leadership the chaos in our society is no surprise.

This isn’t about gun control at all. It’s about out of shape, undisciplined, people that got screwed by those who are supposed represent their best interest. They are very angry, armed, and poorly informed. It’s not clear how many know who the real enemy is. But it’s a concern that some Americans seem capable of inflicting violence to the point of death on anyone who doesn’t agree with them. The insticnt of intimidation as gone haywire.

All I know is that 3 people are dead from gun violence over snow being shoveled on to the gun owners property. I guess the man didn’t realize the snow would melt when the temperature warmed up.

The first psychology trick I learned has become the source of my nightmares. This psychology trick has definitely blown my mind.

source : Quora

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