How old did you say your oldest child is?

Q. What is the most incredibly clever way a lawyer has ever won a case?

answered by Fred Edward (Lived in many different places)

I had a friend. His wife had a 14-year-old daughter from her previous marriage. My friend loved the hell out of her and was her father in all but biology. The daughter indicated that she wanted to take my friend’s last name. In order to do that they had to get the bio dad’s approval. He refused. It wound up going to court. The judge indicated that he was not inclined to grant name change petitions for minors but would allow the matter to proceed before he made a judgment.

The bio dad claimed that he loved his daughter, and she meant a lot to him and was a part of his family. This despite the fact that she never was invited to family events and felt excluded every time she was at his home. The lawyer for the girl asked a few questions about his other children from his second marriage, their birthdays, etc. establishing that she was older than all of them, as well as a few more designed to lull him. Then he asked, “How old did you say your oldest child is?” to which he replied, “He’s twelve,” the age of his son from his second (and current) marriage.

He asked the question a few more times in a slightly different way and got the same answer each time. The bio dad answered every question about his oldest as if it was his son and not his daughter. The bio dad never caught on that he was torpedoing his case. In his mind she just didn’t count. My friend said the lawyer for the bio dad had his face in his hands as the questions continued. In short order, the judge approved the motion to make the name change.

source : Quora

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