Animal Cruelty

Swellendam SPCA – Wiesit

It is never easy to encounter cruelty but it is always more disheartening when it relates to animals we’ve helped before. WIESIT was part of our October ’19 mass-steri drive, he was neutered and vaccinated along with his sister Tessa. He was now found in agony with what was nonchalantly described as ‘sy been is af’. Yes, his ‘been’ had been ‘af’ for a long time and he was left to suffer terrible pain. His sister?, we asked, ‘sy is dood’ we were told 😔. And so WIESIT was taken into our care and charges laid under the Animals Protection Act 71 of 1962 for denying him the veterinary care he so desperately needed. New year’s bone treats had everyone’s tails wagging but WIESIT was in too much pain, listless and disinterested. Despite him being on pain meds it was clear he needed something stronger and he was admitted to hospital where was was made comfortable with IV pain meds until his amputation op could be scheduled thanks to your support. It is sad to lose a limb, but not for this boy – with the bad leg gone his lust for life returned and his funny stubby tail turned into a little whirlwind 😊 what an absolute sweetheart he is. WIESIT deserves a home where he will be cherished forever and we will not only make sure he gets just that, but that we also speak for him in court. His suffering will not go unpunished. THANK YOU to all who contributed to make his operation possible, it was a true blessing to see his joy return ❤ WIESIT will be ready for a new life with a loving family shortly. If you would like to make him a part of yours please contact the office, you will not be disappointed

Translation of Afrikaans words in the text:

‘sy been is af’ / his leg is broken

‘sy is dood’ / she is dead

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