A second-party adoption

Q.Has a babysitter ever said something to you which was completely unexpected?

answered by Michael Callahan (dated and happily married a widowed mother, adopted her son)

Our usual “babysitter” is also my wife’s youngest sister who has lived with us for six years along with her daughter (1.5 YO when they joined our household). They came to us under difficult circumstances (divorce from now-ex husband who is serving life for murdering a police officer/no possibility of parole/parental rights terminated), with only half of a BSN degree completed.

We helped her out financially, and she finished her degree/got a night shift position as a nurse. With three adults at home, babysitting is not a problem. We all get along well, and I find myself gaining a daughter in all but name, with my wife’s approval.

This situation has a note of broad comedy to it; I met my wife while I was dating this sister in high school. My wife is somewhat older than I am. Recently, my wife’s sister asked something rather startling.

She asked my wife and I if I could “enter into a second-party adoption of her daughter with her as the other parent if this was legally possible.”

My SIL’s reasoning was simple; “my daughter got the father that she deserves, despite any mistakes I made along the way, and I’d like to make it legal.” My wife has consented. We are consulting with a family law attorney on this matter, and the state that we live in allows for adoption by two adults not married to each other.

source : Quora


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