Someone out there is paying his vet bills so he is being taken care of 😊

Q. When a cat runs in front of you and stops what does that mean?

answered by Adam Smith (Caretaker of many cat homes over the years.)

It’s not surprising, I have a lot of blueberry bushes and therefore there are a lot of birds. He likes to watch the crows that sit just outside his reach and try to hunt the starlings when they show up in giant flocks. He’s very much at home in my yard and has been long before I move in here. I’ve lived in this house for a year and for the first nine months every single time he saw me leave the front door or get out of my car he would run away like I was going to chop off his tail or something.

Then something changed. I honestly don’t know what it was, maybe he just decided I hadn’t posed a threat so far so he’d risk getting closer. I came out of my house one morning to do some weeding and this guy just ran straight to me and stopped at my feet. I crouched down and scratched him behind the ear and ever since then he’s been a great friend. He comes by every day, sometimes multiple times a day, to sit out in the sun with me. Last week we had a hurricane and he came to my door instead of his actual home. He sat outside the door crying until I put him safely in the shed (I have my own cats and couldn’t my bring him inside). He seemed quite pleased to have a dry, safe spot to wait out the storm.

My whole point here is that this guy avoided me like the plague until one day he didn’t. He ran up to me and stopped right in front of me because he wanted some love and affection. If a cat ever stops in front of you it’s because they trust you and might even be accepting of a little pat. Cats who don’t trust you will not stop anywhere near you, they’ll get to a safe place as quickly as possible.

EDIT: I just wanted to add, for anyone who might be wondering, that I haven’t personally adopted this cat as my own because I’m certain he has humans already. I’m not sure who or where they are but when he gets into nasty fights he always gets stitched up by a vet. Someone out there is paying his vet bills so he is being taken care of 😊

source : Quora

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