Volunteers Build Home for Indiana Vietnam Veteran

by Katherine Rodriguez

A Vietnam veteran who has lived in a central Indiana home without power or running water for more than a year is getting a new house built from the ground up, thanks to a few volunteers.

The Delaware County Veterans Affairs Office worked with the volunteers to demolish 77-year-old John Holaday’s old home in Muncie in early October and began rebuilding it, the Associated Press reported.

The volunteers, mostly from the Muncie Area Career Center, are helping to apply drywall and framing and hope to finish the project by December.

Holaday had saved up for home repairs, but the contractor he hired scammed him, the Muncie Star Press reported.

With his residence in severe disrepair, officials would have issued a condemnation order on the property, meaning Holaday would be without a home.

Holaday, who served in a combat role in Vietnam, turned to the Delaware County Veterans Affairs Office for help after living on the property with no power, water, or sewage services.

I never thought I’d see a miracle, but it’s a miracle in my lifetime. Thank you all very much, and I appreciate everything you all do,” Holaday told volunteers last Thursday as they worked on the rebuild.

Local businesses and GoFundMe donations helped fund the project. In the first week, the Veterans Affairs office raised $37,000 and $10,000 in donated materials from a nonprofit.

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