Pinterest pays $89.5 million to terminate San Francisco office lease

by Katie Dowd Pinterest, a social-sharing site popular for pinning recipes, home inspiration and more, has canceled its large San Francisco office lease. The lease was for 88 Bluxome, a high-rise complex to-be-constructed near Pinterest’s existing San Francisco headquarters. The company cited a shift to work-from-home due to the coronavirus pandemic in its decision. Pinterest […]

Los Angeles County terminate Parking Lot Lease John MacArthur’s Grace Church

Los Angeles County To Terminate Parking Lot Lease With John MacArthur’s Grace Church “Los Angeles County is retaliating against Grace Community Church for simply exercising their constitutionally protected right to hold church and challenging an unreasonable, unlawful health order. In America, we have a judicial system to ensure that the executive branch does not abuse […]

It is beyond mismanagement.

Q. How severe was the Beirut blast as compared to the atomic blast? answered by C Stuart Hardwick Assuming all of the 2,750 tons of highly purified ammonium nitrate stored in the warehouse decomposed in the principal blast, that blast was very roughly the equivalent of 1 kiloton of TNT detonation, or about 1/15th the […]

Open a Tesla With Your Brain

Elon Musk Gives Second-Ever Presentation Demonstrating Neuralink’s Brain Implant by Toby Howell Elon Musk continued his assault on the impossible last night, delivering a rare update on the status of Neuralink, his neuroscience company with the long-term goal of facilitating symbiosis between humans and AI.  Wait, Elon has a neuroscience company? Of course he does. […]

Update on Ranger

view previous post . . Against the odds RANGER pulled through and is feeling and looking much better. He has started to put on weight and was given Bravecto so his skin will start improving as well. His story touched many hearts and clearly the collective love he is feeling is doing wonders for him […]

Swellendam SPCA (Western Cape) (Aug 26)

THEY DON’T COME ANY SWEETER THAN THIS. GENTLE NTOMBI SO BADLY DESERVES ANOTHER CHANCE UP FOR ADOPTION / SWELLENDAM SPCA (Western Cape) NTOMBI, Africanis X, Female, D.O.B. 09/02/2020 NTOMBI was simply thrown over the high SPCA fence when she was no longer wanted. Despite the fact that NTOMBI has not known much love in her […]

Tahoe could easily pull down and kill a man.

Q. Is it true that dogs can recognize a bad person just by smelling them? answered by Oliver Starr Ohh, have I got a story for you… This was Tahoe. He was one of my wolves several decades ago. Tahoe was no joke. At over 120 pounds and 33 inches at his shoulders, he was […]

Can Zoom Hosts Really See All Your Private Messages?

by Chris Hoffman Viral social media posts are alleging that Zoom’s private messages aren’t really private—if you’re chatting privately during a Zoom meeting, the host can see your entire conversation. Is that true? Well, not exactly. How Private Messages Work in Zoom Private messages work just like you’d expect them to. If you send a […]