A world in isolation, a surge of new users for Twitter

By KELVIN CHAN LONDON (AP) — The global pandemic and U.S. protests are forcing a pullback by advertisers on Twitter, but it’s also led to an unprecedented surge of users. Average daily user growth spiked 34% in the second quarter, the company said Thursday, the largest jump in users ever recorded by the company. In […]

Sundar Searching “How to Testify”

This week, the Brew is previewing next Monday’s antitrust hearing by profiling each Big Tech company at the table.  Company name: Google  Volunteered as tribute: CEO Sundar Pichai  The charges: We know Google for products like Maps and Gmail (and a little thing called Search). But the tech giant also has a system of digital […]

Tesla Is Officially the S&P’s Most Eligible Bachelor

Tesla Turns a Profit, Eligible for Inclusion Into the S&P 500 by Toby Howell Yesterday, financial analysts and Brew writers alike waited around all day for Tesla’s earnings report like it was George R.R. Martin’s next GoT book. Tesla delivered: The electric automaker posted $104 million in net income, paving the way for inclusion in […]

Twee Karooboere, vang vis.

My pa bel sy broer op die plaas in Aberdeen. Dit is Woensdagaand, na die sewe uur nuus. Hy s’e my oom moet Vrydag Baai toe kom. Die vis loop. Hy moet baie inlebottels bring. Hy moet ook vir my oupa vir bottels vra. Hy het klaar koerante om die bottels mee vas te pak. […]

Antitrust Hearing.

This week, the Brew is previewing next Monday’s antitrust hearing by profiling each Big Tech company.  Company name: Amazon Volunteered as tribute: CEO Jeff Bezos  The charges: Amazon is being investigated for allegedly using the data it’s collected on third-party sellers to help it make competing products. It may also be questioned about Amazon Web […]

I suppose I should trade in my car after all.

Q. How do you talk down a car dealer? answered by Nick Ellis (Collector Car Sales and Restoration, 2007–present) Here’s something I tell everyone looking to trade in their old car while buying a new car. Let’s say the car you’re interested in has a sticker price of $20,000. You’ve done your research, and you […]

Clickbait: Get ready for 3D-printed chicken nuggets.

KFC is working with a Russian 3D bioprinting firm to try to make lab-produced chicken nuggets The restaurant chain says it’s the meat of the future By Kim Lyons KFC is trying to create the world’s first laboratory-produced chicken nuggets, part of its “restaurant of the future” concept, the company announced. The chicken restaurant chain […]